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Presenting a selection of contemporary photographic works by Mark Mason


Mark Mason was born in 1965 in the Detroit area of Michigan and currently lives in South Florida. His work has been featured in various publications, exhibitions and has achieved a number of awards.


After many years in the commercial advertising field of photography I am returning to my roots that originally stirred my passion for photography. One that expresses the continual changing nature in and around us.

It is my passion and belief that the medium of photography encourages stimulation to wake and move our senses. The aim is to express nature in my photographs. Be it a place in time, people, inanimate objects or an abstraction. The purpose is to realize a connection that re-minds us of our essential-self being. It is this understanding that leads me to take photographs and 'see what is already there'.

I welcome inquiries regarding image licensing, exhibition requests, and commissions.